Leading Resource for Litigation Support

Infinity Reporting Group, LLC, is a leading resource for litigation support in the U.S.  Located in Houston, TX, we provide unbiased legal assistance to the legal industry nationwide. From trial presentation to court reporting, legal videography to transcription, and document services to service of process, we cover it all.

With 30 years of combined experience, we strive to exceed client expectations through reliability and professionalism. Our court reporters, videographers, and support staff are skilled and experienced in case management. Together, we assist professionals in the legal industry and help them deliver quick turnaround with accuracy and single-mindedness.

At Infinity Reporting Group, we are committed to providing litigation support of exceptional quality. Our clients are our priority, which is why we spare no effort to offer personalized services with attention to detail and the much-needed momentum to keep the case going until completed. Our ultimate goal is to take tasks off your plate and save our clients time.

As responsible litigation support experts, we are dedicated to excellence. Should you require litigation support anywhere in the U.S., let Infinity Reporting Group be your first choice. Feel free to contact us and schedule your appointment online. We’d be happy to assist you.

Infinity Reporting Group LLC


Infinity Reporting Group provides nationwide coverage for court reporting, transcription, trial presentation, legal videography, document services, process service, copy/scanning and more.